Friday, May 7, 2010

With apologies...

to all my followers ... o.k., so there are only 4 of you. I had thought about just deleting this blog without saying anything, but that seemed so rude! Here's the scoop:

I started this blog during spring break when school was out and I was on a break from work and life was just slower. I've since realized that worrying about not keeping this up is more of a burden than a joy, and I think you'll agree that creativity should be a joy!!

I am not forsaking the projects in The Artistic Mother, I just have to weave them in and out of the other demands in my life. I do have the squares cut out to make my poetry bag and, hopefully, it and the poetry journal will be completed in the next couple of weeks. When they are, I'll post a photo.

My biggest apology goes to Shona, the author of The Artistic Mother. I am such a big fan and such a believer in all that she has to teach that I feel like I've failed her. :) But, to give myself a bit of comfort, I think I am in a very different place in my life and I do intend to continue learning from her techniques and tutorials. Maybe one day I'll be as disciplined in this area as she obviously is ... but probably not ;o)!


  1. I love your what you post. I'm so glad you did not delete your blog. It's so ok to post when you can or want to, it's your blog. We all are in different places, sure hope you post every once in awhile.

  2. I'm with Rayanne that you needn't feel pressure to have to post often. You should post when it is best for you.

  3. Exactly! (And a confession - I am doing some of my projects in the Artistic Mother out of order. I am doing what works for me AND being creative everyday, which is what I figure the main point to be!)

    Please post as you can. I'll be watching!

    See My Latest Artistic Mother post.

  4. Anita, don't worry about the art, put it away and come back when the season is right... with school ending now is probably not the time... the whole point is to do something, even something tiny, artistic a day. even cutting up paper or fabric for future work or organizing your photos on your computer, all those little things are part of it and make it easier to get into work later. You know when I was writing the book, at first I was going to do it as a 12 month workshop... doing one project a month, but then that seemed too long. but perhaps that could be your goal (starting after PACES is over and you have rested at the pool a bit :) thank goodness we have Shannon keeping us going on Tribloom! accountability is golden.

  5. Hi Anita, You don't have to feel guilty on my behalf. I haven't even STARTED the Artistic Mother projects. Phooey! Summer has become a time to tackle the 'backlog'.